International Humanitarian Work

International Service is a major part of our Rotary Club. We have a significant involvement in the following programs:

  • PolioPlus – the leading international program to eradicate polio from the world
  • Shelterbox – provision of physical aid super packs for use in disaster relief. Our Club has been awarded a ShelterBox Bronze Champion for 2017-2018
    Shelterbox Bronze Champion 2017-2018

    Shelterbox Bronze Champion 2017-2018

  • The Peace Fellowship Program is focused on conflict resolution and is managed through 6 Peace Centres worldwide, one being University of Qld at St Lucia. Students participating in the scholarship program undertake postgraduate studies and will return to their countries of origin to provide benefits gained at the Peace Centre. The Rotary Club of Paddington ex Brisbane Planetarium has been an active participant, both as a sponsor and host club.
  • Rotary Australia World Community Service Through Donations in Kind the club provides Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands with hospital equipment, medical supplies, school desks, pharmaceuticals and reconditioned computers
  • Rotarians Against Malaria This involves the distribution of insecticide treated bed nets to prevent the spread of malaria
  • Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC) brings children up to 15 years of age from developing countries to Australia to treat diseases and/or injuries using surgical procedures that are not available in their own countries
  • The Ambassadorial Scholar Program is the largest Rotary Program and provides postgraduate study for students who have completed their under-graduate degrees and are seeking advanced post-graduate studies. The funds to enable students to complete their studies in a foreign country are met by the Rotary Foundation.
  • Teacher in a Box – In 2017 our Rotary club set up a self-funded project that provides people with off-line access to an extensive range of FREE educational and training materials via any wi-fi enabled device. No Internet access is required. Supporting self-paced learning as well as classroom teaching, Teacher in a Box servers have a huge and positive impact in places where there are limited teaching resources or teachers with limited training or education.

Record of Peace Fellows & Counsellors 2004–2022

Rotary Club of Paddington hosted and provided counsellors for the following Peace Fellows who undertook their post-graduate Peace Fellowship Program at the University of Queensland, St Lucia:

Class Year Peace Fellows Counsellors
3 2004 – 06 Karla Castellanos – USA Marion Tomes
4 2005 – 07 Sallie Lacy – USA John Lawrence & Janet Lawrence
4 2005 – 07 Etsuko Teranishi – Japan Col Beardmore
5 2006 – 08 Cecilia Nedziwe – South Africa Pam Taylor
7 2009 – 10 Rose Foley – Scotland Pam Taylor
7 2009 – 10 David LaMotte – US Jeff Stephens
8 2010 – 11 Sanaz Shahrokni – Iran Pam Taylor
9 2011 – 12 Luluday Aragaw Truneh – Ethiopia Suzanne Quintner
9 2011 – 12 David Burgener – Canada Col Beardmore, then Janet Lawrence
10 2012 – 13 Ana Maria Rodriguez Contreras – Columbia Judy Magub
10 2012 – 13 Erica Rose Jeffrey – USA Pam Taylor
11 2013 – 14 Shruti Upadhyay – India Suzanne Quintner
12 2014 – 15 Bobbie Chew Bigby – USA Dian Stroud & Jennifer Coleman
13 2015 – 16 Nadia Mahmood – Canada Suzanne Quintner
14 2016 – 17 Han (Tony) Zhang – China Janet & John Lawrence
15 2017-18 Katsa Brenneman – USA Hannah Dodds / Leslie Smith
16 2018-19 Isabella Sinisterra Beron – Colombia Suzanne Quintner
17 2018-19 Norihiro Fujimoto – Japan Janet & John Lawrence
18 2019-20 Erika Yague – Philipines Michelle Davis & Kim Browne
19 2020-21 Linh Nong – Vietnam Michelle Davis & Kim Browne
20 2021-22 Floriane Niyungeko – Burundi Michelle Davis & Kim Browne
21 2021-22 Titus Kemboi – Kenya John Lawrence
22 2021-22 Krissta Kirchenheiter – USA Mala Anthony-Ranu